Full Moon March 9 in... LEO.

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There is a Super Moon on March 9th at 17:48 UTC.
I use a system called Sidereal astrology (more info here) which looks at the actual position of the stars and planets in our sky. 
On March 9th, the Moon is in the sign of Leo, actually the last degrees of Leo.
Super Moon means it looks bigger than usual because it is closer to Earth. 
It is bigger so it has more effect. 
Remember that the Moon rules the tides of oceans and the woman's menstrual cycle.
See the power in that?

Speaking of power, what does Leo represent? Leo, the most Royal zodiac sign, is an authority and sage. 
Proud and good looking, with magnificent physique.
The embodiment of power, wisdom, looks and fertility.
Leo is the Lion King and the Lioness Queen.

It opposes the Sun, hence a full Moon, which it at the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces.
Aquarius: the Water Bearer aka Master of emotions
Pisces: the Sensitive, Sensual type, still waters run deep.

What do I intuitively receive:  Releasing deep emotions and claiming the throne.
Liberty and Authority.

My throne, your throne, our throne.
I am the King of my reality, you are the King or Queen of yours, we are the Kings and Queens of this Planet. We are our own authority of keep our reality high-vibe and clean.
This planet is ours and it starts by weeding our doorstep and claiming our own place in this world.
Hence the current energy-theme of guilt-free self-love and acting from a place of love instead of 'should'.

Claim your being in full and release all things that no longer align with the new you.
That can be patterns, places, people or habits.
Anything. If it no longer fits, now is the time to let it go.
Clothes too.
Shine silently. Nice song by the way by Nils Lofgren that had minor success in Holland 2 decades ago.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all 3 in Sagittarius make a square with the Moon. 
Translation: shoot for the Moon, even you miss, you're still among the stars.
Fortune is ours (Jupiter) if we break free of those old invisible patterns (Pluto). We might get a lesson along the way (Saturn), yet we end up wiser, stronger and happier. That's a guarantee.
As always act from a place of love: what would love do?
Oh and for those who do believe in Mercury retrograde: it ends the same day of the Full Moon.
Double pleasure.

Want to know how this Full Moon in Leo impacts your life in detail?
Check where the last degrees of Leo fall in your birth chart and see how this Full Moon plays out for you.
As you can see in the chart above, Leo is in the 12th house. The 12th house are all things supernatural, metaphysical, what goes beyond the ordinary, what is unseen. Also places of seclusion and silence.

Don't have a sidereal birth-chart? Click here.

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