Shine bright like a diamond.

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Allow me to clear out one of the biggest misconceptions about life on earth. 
Was David Bowie an icon or a guitar teacher? He was an icon.
Did he bring joy, hope, light and pleasure to people in his role as an icon? Yes, he did.
Was he an inspiration? To millions of people.
How did he become an icon and inspiration? By doing what he loved, in casu making music, being an actor, marrying a supermodel, wearing avant-garde clothes and becoming his ultimate self through different characters such as the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust,...

There is need to physically, emotionally or psychologically help other people in order to shine, bring joy and be an inspiration.
You raises the vibe by being you.
Bowie raised the vibe on planet Earth tremendously and still does so whenever his songs are played. 
Raising the vibe is not a synonym for "helping other people". 
Raising the vibe means "doing what you love whatever that is".

If David Bowie was a guitar teacher he would have probably helped hundreds of people learning how to play guitar. The impact of that would have been gigantically less than as a superstar.

Why do I say this now? Because it adds to my yesterday's blog in which I spoke of the last remnants of guilt that are being removed..
"I have to help other people" is still a form of guilt.
Perhaps writing this post is still a form of guilt: I know this info and it is my duty to share it.
No , it isn't. It's not a duty. 
Do I like to write my blog? Yes.
Then that is the core emotion at play: I like to write.

Whatever you do in life make sure you do it because you like it. 
Not because you think you have to do it or because it makes you a better person.
It doesn't, you are perfect as you are.
Do what you do because it comes from a place of joy.
See the tiny difference with: because it brings you joy.

The difference is you are sure about your core emotion. Not about a feeling you have afterwards.
That might be different.
Example: someone asks you to help him/her with a fundraiser for a sick child.
Does that bring you joy thinking about it? Then do it.
Or do you act on a false emotion and societal reward: 'I did it and now I am a good boy or girl"?
See the subtle difference, yes it is a huge tool to know yourself and step into your power.

There is no wrong or right.
Whatever you do in life, it's fine.
Everything is an act of love.
Yet do it from a place of power.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world is to shine bright like a diamond.
As a guitar teacher who organises fundraisers for sick children, as a rock icon who marries a supermodel or as an astrologer who writes blogs and plays Bowie songs on his guitar.

We are all unique and all of that is showing up now in our reality.
Unique beings of Light doing what they came here to do: create from a place of self-love.
The revolution is here.
It's the 60's revisited, or better said: the 60's with a happy ending.

Happy Days!

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