What gives you pleasure ?

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The current theme is guilt-free pleasure.

What gives you pleasure?

Note to self: Think about it, write it down and act on it.

Why? The new energy is about the next step of self-love. It is all about me. Or better said: ME. In capital letters. Empaths first.

Almost sounds like blasphemy doesn’t it? Me first!

We’re shedding the last and deep layers of guilt. Which guilt? THE guilt of all guilts: do I deserve to be? 

It’s what Eddie Vedder sings in Alive. Besides the fact that it is a wonderful song, the theme speaks to millions of people, probably billions. That’s why it became a worldwide hit. Do I deserve to be? Is that the question? And if so, if so, who answers, who answers?

Well Eddie, let me tell you who answers: I do! YES, by all means, do we deserve to be.

Guilt is a manmade illusion. Invented to keep us away from our godliness. The irony is that we invented it because of godliness. We thought we had to be punished for thinking we were beings of light, particles of Source, godlike.

Eve bit in the apple so we were cast out of heaven! No we weren’t. We choose to experience life on Earth and grow as a Soul, that’s what happened.

When we arrived on Earth, a very dense and dark place compared to where we came from, we thought we had been punished: this can’t be right! We ended up in the wrong place! Source sent us hete as a punishment!

Guilt became deeply and instantly ingrained, even though it is an illusion.

We are finally feeling and realising that life is to be enjoyed and that we deserve pleasure. There is nothing wrong with pleasure, quite the contrary, it’s high-vibe and lifts the energy.

Repeat after me: I hereby allow myself to experience pleasure.

I made a delicious apple-raisin-cinamon pastry this morning, I went for a workout Tuesday, I went to the hairdresser, had a warm cup of coco in the wintersun, took a nice bath yesterday and I put new strings on y guitar.

It’s definitely ME-time.

A new era has begun, we are re-born and this time we are experiencing life from a place of love and flow. A perfect balance between our masculine and feminine parts is where we create from and the harmony from which we experience pleasure.

The Holy Trinity is where we create from: male-female-soul. Soul is Source, soul is Love.

Male-female-Love. How life was created in the first place.

Enjoy life my friends, so will I.






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een maand geleden

Thanks for the insight, again, it came exactly at the right time, again.

25 dagen geleden

The perfect post to read during my 4th day of rehab. Will definitely come back to it several times. Thank you!