Born again.

Gepubliceerd op 2 maart 2020 om 18:21

In my last blogpost I wrote how I didn’t care anymore if I lived or died. Before I pressed the publish-button, I checked if I should delete that line. No was the answer, keep it as it is.

I now know why. I’ve been reborn.

When a baby is about to be born it leaves the comfort zone of the mother’s womb and travels down the birthcanal. An unknown journey through a dark and narrow tunnel, a journey towards the light. Whatever happens is not in the baby’s hands, all it can do is trust.

I’ve felt the same way over the weekend with similar emotions and the feeling of not knowing who, what, where & why.

As said before we’re in a new game. With the latest energies we’ve downloaded our manual. A malleable manual that changes as we make choices. 

We have received more gifts and abilities too. Yet now is not the time yet to play with them.

Now is a time for enjoyment, relaxing and nurturing. It’s been a lot recently and we are still in recovery mode.

Take it easy, we’ll know when we’re called to action.

For now relax, observe and feel.




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