Geomagnetic Storm.

Gepubliceerd op 18 februari 2020 om 09:48

There was a Geomagnetic Storm last evening, unexpected.

Reached level K5.

Check the graph below. See the line dive deep? That means there’s loads of energy in Earth’s magnetic field.

This may cause restlesness and feeling like a character in Trainspotting. Or Keeping up Appearances. As you wish.

If a storm reaches K9, not the dog movie but the level, we may see Northern Lights in Belgium. Sweet. 

I’ve always wanted to see them yet I don’t like the cold.

Hence I hereby summon a K9 storm and call forth the Northern Lights.

Let’s see how this plays out. Last time we could see them here was in 2003.

Yet, this is a time(-line) of miracles.



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Brenda J Hoffman
een maand geleden

So much happening. Thank you for the updates.