The 13th archetype.

Gepubliceerd op 14 februari 2020 om 09:09

A long time ago, Carl Jung identified 12 so called archetypes.
Archetype comes from Greek and means: original pattern.
Each person on Earth could be classified under 1 of these 12 patterns.

That has changed since we've left the karmic and zodiac wheel.
We are creating the 13th archetype or pattern: the ascending human.

That's why it feels weird right now. This is a new pattern.
What are we supposed to do? No idea. Go with the flow.
To where? No idea. Go with the flow.
What is the flow? The path of love.

Definitely a weird time yet also familiar, comforting and powerful.

Sure there's still ups and downs, yet I see it as one of those signs by the gas stations; the ones that bend back and forth. We go down but we get back up immediately.
Deep breaths always do the trick.

Perhaps like me you have old acquaintances come back for a final time in your life to be set free?

These karmic ties we've had for eons are now being cut eternally.
Hurray, more freedom!
In case you need help with setting them free, saying this line helps:

You are a perfect and immortal being of light brother/sister, 
innocent and whole,
all is forgiven and released.

You can also use it for yourself and replace the you with I.
I use this line a lot on the street to spread high vibes.
Not out loud, I say it quietly in myself.
But feel free to stand on the street corner on a soapbox.

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