The Perfect Storm.

Gepubliceerd op 5 februari 2020 om 07:01

A special news bulletin for all inhabitants of Planet Earth!

The energies are building up intensely. 

See that graph? I’ve been watching it for years and I’ve never seen it look like it does today. Especially on the right: that kerfuffle below and the one line above. 

It’s a sign of a huge split taking place. Breaking point. Schizophrenic. Schizo means separate or 2 total different things. That’s what this graph shows. Other graphs are showing anomalies too. I check them everyday and since yesterday it’s one meter after the other that says: weirdness!

On a sidenote: Yesterday afternoon all of a sudden my whole left arm started shaking. It was resting on the table while reading and out of nowhere it started shaking. Came from my left shoulder. Left shoulder means carrying emotional weight. Good to know that’s being cleared now.

A whole lotta shaking going on in the world and in our personal lives.

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.


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2 maanden geleden

Atian... this is so interesting! Over here in BC, Canada lately there's been a different energy that I couldn't quite pinpoint. I was thinking maybe it's too many dark days of winter leaving an unsettling feeling. But it's bigger and more profound than that. And this chart clearly shows a big shake is going on. My soul is wanting to go somewhere quiet away from this unsettling feeling. But I have nowhere to go yet. So it looks like this must be ridden like a wave. I hope it subsides like the tide. It's almost like a mega Mercury in retrograde or something.

Brenda J Hoffman
2 maanden geleden

No wonder. I've been in a funk for the past two days - which is very unusual for me. Thank you so much for checking the physical energies for us.