The Future is ours.

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Today is the 33rd day of the year and there's 333 days remaining.
It is also 02.02.2020, a Portal-day.
The theme of this Portal is Strength.

We are manifesting from a position of strength now.
We used to manifest from a place of weakness.

Weakness: I want money because I'm not liking it here and this place sucks.
Power: I want money because I am ready for the next step in my life.

It's a completely different approach. 

In weakness: it's begging.

Still thinking something outside of you holds control over you.
An arbitrary being or God that either gives you money or not.
Was I a good boy? Then I deserve it.
I must have been a bad boy because it isn't manifesting.
From a place of desperation.
Lost in old programming.

In strength: it's a command.
It is time. A command to activate the energy of manifestation.
From a place of gratitude. 
Working with the laws of energy.
Feeling: magnetism. Imagination: Electricity.
Feeling + Imagining: electricity + magnetism = electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism is what the Universe runs on.

Why this pivotal change now? Because of the energies and our level of consciousness.
We realise now that we have fooled ourselves all along.
Of course we created the Matrix and others to play this game in which we were a mere Clark Kent.
Now that we have stepped out of the Matrix, we see how silly it was.
Yet we needed it to grow and attain this level of consciousness.
We needed it to find our true self: Superman/Superwoman.

Along with that realisation there's also a new sense of freedom. 
We have liberated ourselves from the Matrix.
That journey is over.
Karma is also gone.
We are free.
What's next? We'll see.
Whatever comes next is gonna be awesome.

Now it's time for the next level: mastery over the physical realm. 

That Mastery starts today with the 2222 Portal: we step into our full strength.

The future is ours.

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I love this! It brings words to my experience. Thank you.