Time to move. (updated)

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Since Monday construction workers are renovating the apartment building where I am staying.
That means: heavy drilling from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.
I am highly sensitive and my nervous system is extremely delicate with a natural aversion for noise.
I need my peace and quiet and preferably nature.

To summarise the first paragraph: this week to me is torture 8 hours a day.

Last month a friend of mine wrote: I'm not stronger than narcissists. 
For me that is: I'm not stronger than noise. Noise wins. 
Add in the current energies and the collective consciousness of chaos and it's simply intolerable.
I'm in severe pain.

So the Universe is telling me it's time to move.
How, where,...  is one big question mark.

I have no money and no possessions except for 1 suitcase of clothes, my guitar, a harmonica and this pc I'm typing on.
Now what? No idea. I wrote the nuns to stay in the abbey for a few days. So far no reply yet.
That would be a temporary solution. Yet it would do me so well.

I put my trust in the Universe that I will end up some place better.
Staying here is suicide because the renovation will take until September. 
So basically I have no option but to move and see where I will end up.

My main concern is my daughter who is with me every other weekend.
For the time being, I can come here every other weekend as there is no noise on weekends.
We"ll see how that plays out.

So once again in my life I take a deep dive and trust I will end up someplace better.
Faith moves mountains they say.
Don't need a mountain, a quiet place to call my own is good enough.

Perhaps I'll post again before I go, if not: smell you later!
Whenever that is...

Update: the nuns in the abbey charge 40 euro per night. That's a damn rip-off. They live in a palace, payed for by us the citizens, they don't pay taxes and they are here to serve the people.
I told them I had no money. They said: ah, no then it's not possible.
Religious folks, the greatest hypocrites on earth.
I should have known better. Another lesson learned.

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It's time. I'm in the midst of moving also. Best wishes to you on your new adventure!