Two worlds.

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As said earlier this week a line has been drawn.
What does that mean: the worlds are splitting. Huh? 
There are two realities.
Actually there are as many realities as there are people, but let's keep it simple.
The 2 realities ave begun to split.
What are the realities in rough:

Reality 1: people believe they are humans evolved from apes, ruled and controlled by royalty, governments and companies who hold their best interest in mind, who live the rat race and think death is the end of everything.
Life is struggle, drama and dog eat dog.
Humans are flesh and bones.

Reality 2: people believe they are Beings of Light having a human experience, being led by a Higher Source (God, Buddha, Allah, whatever name you wish to use), who follow their own guidance and rules, who have stepped out of the rat race and who think death is an illusion.

Life is abundant, an experience and we're here to love.
Everything is perfect-mentality.
Humans are heart and soul.

Of course, these 2 realities (fear and love) have existed for many, many thousands or perhaps millions of years.
That's nothing new.

What's new? a few days ago these 2 realities have officially started to move away from each other.
Those in reality 1 are interacting with only those in reality 1. Those in reality 2 are interacting only with those in reality 2.

What we will see now is a rapid acceleration of this split:

Those still in reality 1 will get more of what they see: drama, struggle and dog eat dog. 
Besides that, they will be left with people who think and feel the same way.
A world of fear.

Those in reality 2 will also get more of what they see: love, compassion and abundance.
They will also be surrounded by like-minded souls.
A world of love.

The coming days and weeks we will see things, call it supernatural if you will, we have never seen before on this Planet. What exactly? I don't know. Many people have had visions, me too, yet I prefer to keep it to myself for now.

Planet Earth is also literally splitting.
The many earthquakes, wildfires, volcano eruptions, magnetic pole shift, sky anomalies, climate change,... are all signs of this Shift/Split actually taking place.
Mother Earth's heartbeat, the Schumann resonance, is confirming all of this too.
So are the Gamma Ray bursts, the Coronal Mass Ejections, the Electron meters, the Magnetosphere meters, the satellites monitoring the Sun, the Very Low Frequency meters,... the proof and signs are endless. Either you acknowledge them or you don't.

There are those who have opened their eyes and decided to change reality.
There are those who prefer to keep their eyes closed and act as if nothing is happening.
Both ways of life are perfect and there is no judgment. Love doesn't judge.
Yet that doesn't mean we will end up in the same place. 
All roads lead back to Source, eventually.

This experience is coming to an end. 

Game Over

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