A warm welcome to the new Chief Executive Officer!

Gepubliceerd op 27 januari 2020 om 10:33

A line was drawn this weekend.
Perhaps it isn't very clear yet but nevertheless it is tangible.
The line separates the old and new way of being.
The line separates love from power.
The line says: we hereby thank Ego for his service to Self and wish him all the best in his new life as a spectator. We hereby welcome the new Chief Executive Officer: Higher Self.
Hurray for the new CEO!

The new way of being is flow.
Flow with the energies.
Trust we are being guided someplace much better than we can imagine.
Trust the Divine Plan.
In complete Trust, everything is always perfect. 
It is the perfect Now.
The only moment that exists: the Now.
If everything is perfect, you attract more goodness.
Why? Because of your vibe.
Your vibe tells the Universe: I'm loving it, gimme some more!
And so the Universe brings more good stuff your way.
Instant manifestation from a high vibe.

At the same time relax into this knowing.

If something is bothering you, ask yourself: is this really bothering me now?
- If so: then act. Try to change it by manifesting: send out a clear intention to the Universe and wait for the solution. The solutions is perhaps already there or it will come soon.
- If it isn't bothering you in the now: then return to peace. How to do this instantly? Take 3 deep breaths and the worrying is over. What is worry? Not trusting the future. Return to trust. 

Relax, breathe, trust and enjoy your new life.

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I felt it, too. Thanks for putting it in such beautiful words for us!