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Change is here. In body & mind. Internal and external.
I can feel it and see it. In myself and in others.
I don't read the news, don't watch tv, don't listen to the radio. I'm in my own reality cocoon and I observe people. In the morning when I wake up, I get a coffee and sit by the front window.
Rear Window by Hitchcock but with a happier theme: I watch people pass by.
This morning people touched each other whilst passing. 'Hi' with a wave of the hand became a 'high five'. Both were smiling afterwards. 
Those tiny things are very important. I notice them, it's part of my operating system: I notice details. Even the tiniest ones. They give me a lot of information. They tell me change is here.
People are coming closer together. Because they are coming closer together within. 
So am I. My male and female parts are almost in balance. Almost.
There's a funny way in which the Universe is showing that to me: I see a lot of people with male and female traits. Of course we all have those, but this is different: I mean traits in their face.
So in other words: a lot of people look androgyn these days.
Androgyn: Male and female.
Not in their clothing style, body features or voice. Just the face.
Is this something I only see? Do others see it as well? No idea.

What I do know is that there are many planets with no gender. As in extra-terrestrials that are genderless.
Is this some sort of preparation? Or this just the Universe showing me that many people are finding balance in themselves. Or a step further: because I have balance, I see it in others too.
That's basically quantum physics: HOW the observer sees reality, is the reality the observer will see. 

In short and with a twist: reality is in the eye of the beholder.
So is beauty.

It's a theme for 2020 and onwards: we are starting to see this world through different eyes.
Eyes of beauty and love. It will expand exponentially.
Expand Exponentially.
That sounds good because those are two words that start with the prefix 'ex-'. 

Extra Extra: read my latest blog! Androgyns everywhere.
Extra! Extra! Are they a prelude to the arrival of extra-terrestrials?
Read it all here folks!

Until next time my fellow earthlings, I greet thee.

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