Saturn/Pluto conjunction January 12 2020

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Saturn the strict but fair teacher is in the exact same place as Pluto the alchemist.

Clash of the Titans or better said two sages coming together and sharing their vast knowledge to point something out for us, let go of it and finally move forward.
Think huge: unlocking chains on your feet, dropping a rock from your back or finally opening an immense iron gate. 
In short: gigantic revelation and very deep, profound understanding.

There' s always a moment of pain involved in these huge realizations.
A feeling of being a complete moron. Why didn't I see that before? 
That's an illusion of course because it's all about consciousness.
I wasn't conscious of it. Or better said: I wasn't ready to accept it.
That's a big one: when you are at a level to accept it as a reality, it can enter your consciousness.
It's as simple as that.
No wrong or right, no bad or good, nu dumb or smart,... no duality, simply a matter of consciousness.
It's how we grow, exactly what we're doing here on Planet Earth.

When you are ready to let the Light shine on a matter, it can take away the darkness. Darkness in the sense of: oh I didn't see that! Well, you couldn't because it was dark. See? (pun intended)

I don't know about you but I have probably learned more about myself in the last 11 days than I ever did in all my years of self-work and spiritual growth. 
We' re getting tremendous help from the energies, the Planets, the stars, our Higher Guides, ... it's a conspiracy to help us advance.
There's beautiful word for that: PRONOIA. 
It means: the belief that the Universe is out to help you.

Recap of my previous blog post: all planets are close together. Some say in Capricorn, others say in Sagittarius. It' doesn't matter that much. What we all can agree on is this: we're being catapulted. A sling shot towards a beautiful future.

The Light is now shining in every corner of our Heart and Soul, thanks to the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. 

And, last but not least, Uranus has started to move direct as well. Uranus: think fire and action.

So to what does all of that add up?

Revelation - Understanding - Feeling - Action

I'm gonna write four letter word blogposts from now on. All in favour? 

Ok before I go, allow me to share what a colleague astrologer wrote:
"The fire of INSPIRATION lives in Uranus."

See! I told you God is in the toilet...


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